Free Download Monday: Sunday Sun and Young Rival

Sunday Sun “III”
After parts One and Two, this is the cherry on top. Collectively, Sunday Sun offers us one of the finest releases in 2012 –  like the other EPs it is available as a free download for a limited time. The quartet from Amsterdam features bright cheerful harmonies like Sonic Executive Sessions and the highly melodic ear worms displayed in the chorus of “Better Than That.” Elements of ELO and The Beach Boys mixed with The Jellyfish are stamped on several tracks, my favorites here are “Honest And True,” “Sing” and the Bleu sounding “Light Up The Sky.” If you missed the earlier EPs then get’em on Itunes. Don’t miss this series, it ranks very high on my year end list.


Young Rival “Stay Young”
Indie pop out of Hamilton, Canada, includes Aron D’Alesio on vocals and lead guitar, Noah Fralick on drums, and John Smith playing the bass. “Black Popcorn” and “Nothing You Know Well” are pretty good clones of early Apples in Stereo, so you have a good idea where we’re going here. The band has a bit more grit and you’ll hear the clear influence of  The Pixies with “Let it Go” and the raw riffs on”I Don’t Care.” The garage anthem “Two Reasons” is the obvious single here, and just like Locksley’s “The Whip” its just as infectious. Check out the awesomely freaky video below and its a FREE download — so no excuses!