Frank Bango and Neil Nathan

Frank Bango “Touchy Feely”
Frank Bango was has emerged from a long hiatus after The Sweet Songs of Decay, this album was entirely funded with Kickstarter. It’s also a wonderful comeback for Bango to the positive melodic goodness of “Defenseless,” full of layered McCartneyesque touches. Bango’s nasal vocal  works perfectly on the psychedelic melody “Not A Word” and the yearning ballad “Night Song” is almost like Elvis Costello. Overall a great album with barely any low points (although the ballads tend to drag), easily could’ve been added to my top 30 list. Other highlights include “Too Lazy Too Love You,” “What Kind Of Saturday” and the jangly treat “Astronaut I’m Not.” Note: I was told this is an official 2013 release – so its the first candidate for the top ten in 2013.


Neil Nathan  “Sweep The Nation”
After an awesome debut, Nathan moves toward a hard rock concept album, although it reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd’s The Wall mixed with Styx Mr. Roboto bringing us a dystopian plutocracy message. The both the title track and “Jumpstart” drives the thematic melody forward, much like Collective Soul. Then “Comin’ Round The Bend” is more like classic Meatloaf.  “I Aint No Company Man” has a solid KISS riff and his voice deepens as he plays a different character. Both “There Is No Time” and “Everybody Everywhere” relentlessly blasts you, almost into submission. Fans of late 70’s styled bombast will love this, others be warned it doesn’t tone down till the last track “All We Need Is So Much More.”

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