International Power Pop from Japan: Calendars, Hajimepop and Hello

ハロー·アゲイン!Here are some new Japanese power pop bands I’ve heard recently… Enjoy!

Calendars “Everything Changes”
Sounding similar to Weezer, this Japanese band gives us a catchy hooks on the opener “You Read Me.” Sung in English, this band should very accessible to American audiences with its energetic youthful approach to guitar pop. The driving power riffs on “Tight Rope” make it stand out, despite the heavy accents. Worth checking out if you like J-rock.

Hajimepop “Melodies”
Tokyo popster is heavily influenced by Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson and ELO, evidenced by the sparkling synths on “Kira Kra Star.” Sung in Japanese, the melodies and echoing harmonies of “White Piano” and “Mabataki” are light and soothing. But other tunes like “Unforgettable Love” and “Hi” sound a bit too kitschy even for me.


Hello!  “Unmastering Vol.1”
I featured this band last year, and if you love Jellyfish styled power pop – this band follows the template perfectly. I’m not really sure if Unmastering is a single or the first track of a new EP, but thankfully we have a sweet video of the single and I can’t wait to hear more from this trio.

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