John LT “Suburban Superstar”

Cockeysville, Maryland singer/songwriter John LT has exceptional storytelling skill only matched by his melodic instincts. “Lottery Ticket” tells us that the apocalypse is coming, but he’s got that winning lottery ticket (“someone’s got to win”), told with gusto very reminiscent of Billy Joel.

“Petty Angel” is a blues pop gem about breaking the ice with women. LT’s melodies really stick fast, “The Sound of My Tears” is a classic pop single that shouldn’t be missed. Those little Beatle-isms on “Nowhere To Go” keep things moving along,  even the slower ballads like “The Driver’s Song” sound like a lost Paul Williams hit, with its “Cheers” like chorus. It even does a good job at 70’s funk with “Mr. Wonderful” and triply narratives “Nothing But Nines.” This came out in December, and would’ve made my 2012 list.