Toxic Melons and Michael Faherty

Toxic Melons “International Accident” EP
Pablo “Melons” new EP is more realized than 2011’s Melon Jam. The four minute piano ballad “Diffidence” is full of yearning and key changes, almost like a Millenium tune, with guitars coming in on the last verse. “Passing Reflection” is a similar styled, almost madrigal guitar plea for world peace. Former Jellyfish guitarist Eric Dover adds his skill to the chanting “Ode To Procrastination” but the vocal performance here isn’t quite right. The a cappella “Alex’s Song” is a fun little coda that mentions she’s “more precious than the rarest Jellyfish single.” Short and sweet.


Michael Faherty “Space in Your Heart” EP
Brooklyn born Faherty is the real deal, a true talent with “Space In Your Heart” he sounds part Bon Jovi and part Paul Collins. “Orthodox Girl” wonders if an Irish Catholic has a shot with her, but it could really use a middle eight to breakup the choruses. “Give It Good” once again gives us a really nice guitar riff, but the song needs more of a hook. Michael is working on his first solo LP at this point so he can take his time “baking the cake.” If this EP is a beginning, I look forward to his next development.

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