Crusaders of Love, The Maladaptive Solution and French Club

Crusaders of Love “Take It Easy… But Take It!”
Hailing from Lille, France, Crusaders Of Love gives us a sonic power pop assault. Starting with “Never Grow Up” it’s part Ramones, part Plimsouls, with a generous helping of Big Star. The chiming guitars continue on “It All Ends that Way” and its all classic three chord riff style with a big bouncy Glam beat. It doesn’t do anything new here, but fans of early 80s punk (“Realm of Death”) or 60s jangle rock (“Next Summer”) won’t mind at all. Have a blast and do some air guitar to this one.

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The Maladaptive Solution “Heal” EP
Billed as “Middle Age Symphonies To God” the band is a collective of Brad Beard, Jimmy Haber and power pop legend Micheal Carpenter. It starts out of the gate living up to those lofty expectations with “Abacus (Count on You)” a rich blend of electric guitar and harmonies. The remaining tracks are also richly layered power pop, sounding a bit like The Gripweeds or Teenage fanclub. It’s a short EP with only 4 tracks, but definitely worth your time.
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French Club “Sh*t Talk”
French Club is a chaotic mix of rock, punk, ska with a melodic tilt that you don’t hear everyday. The title track is slow to start but then leaps into a rant with a lively horn melody in the chorus. The somber “October” follows this up with a duel vocal male-female lead followed by a harmonized wail. It goes full DIY punk on “In The Basement” with a spirited bass lead. This style is continued on “Jamaica” and “Rattle On” featuring the talented Lily Zwaan’s vocals. So, if you’re in the mood for something different, here it is.

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