Keith LuBrant and Mooner

Keith LuBrant “Who I Am”
If you weren’t sure who LuBrant was based on his last album, “Wide Awake and Alive” leaves little doubt. Energetic drums and driving riffs bring to mind Cheap Trick with a touch Bon Jovi, but underneath all the flash is a good hook. “She Always Finds A Way” and “Call Off The Search” are a good follow ups with some inventive song writing and amazing guitar touches along the way.

His clear vocals allow a good mid tempo number like “Breathe” to shine, sometimes the pop gloss is thick as “Good For The Girl” reminds me of The Gin Blossoms. Keith does have some Jellyfish like moments on the title track, and then adds some nice bluesy guitar flourishes on “Sunshine In The South.” Not every song has a hook, but enough do to make this a solid melodic rock entry.


Mooner “Unpronounceable Name” EP
Chicago based Mooner has a terrific sound on this short EP. Thanks to brothers Lee and David Ketch, they share a love of both power pop and alt. country – which means they emulate early Wilco, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Joined by joined by drummer Adam Bonich and bassist Dann Morr they give us some meaty baseline riffs  on “Shapeshifter” and a slow build to a steady ramble on “White Lines” about truckin’ down the highway (fans of Bob Seger would be proud). This is a talent band that we look forward to hearing more from.