Radio Days “Get Some Action”

Radio Days are Milan’s premier power pop band and like another Italian band, Radio Days took some time to find it’s sound, but with Get Some Action it’s reached near perfection. Opening with the clean melody line of “Burning Together” it’s part Weezer, part Rubinoos, with a dash of The Wonders.

“Girl, Girl, Girl” continues the sunny smooth ride, each melody more contagious as we go along. The title track emphasizes simple three chords, handclaps and a bouncy chorus of “yeah, yeah, yeah.” The slower “One Thousand Miles Away” brings forth dreamy harmonies, and “Love and Fun” uses a familiar Joe Jackson bass riff to great effect, guaranteed to make you dance. Lead vocalist and chief songwriter, Dario Persi doesn’t go for any complex poetry here, like the early Beatles it’s all about getting the girl. Then losing the girl. The minor key masterpiece “Goodbye My Lover” makes it clear that even if you break up with him, he “just wants to see you smile.” It may be simplistic, but rarely are the basics of power pop done so well. Easily makes my top ten list for 2013.

Bandcamp | Amazon | Out on CD March 6.

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