Jacco Gardener and Luke Potter

Jacco Gardener “Cabinet of Curiosities”
Amsterdam native Gardener, has a talent for brilliant baroque pop using studio techniques perfected in the late 60’s psychedelic era. That means our opening harpsichord melody in “Clear The Air” is a bit like Phil Spector producing The Zombies latest single. “The One Eyed King” arrangements are lush and airy, comparable to The Moody Blues and early Pink Floyd. And every song here has that dream-like psyche-pop quality. Jacco’s lyrical puzzles seldom transcend the atmosphere, but like “Puppets Dangling” the spot-on retro magic will keep you enthralled. Fans of classic Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Syd Barrett, and The Pillbugs will really enjoy this. If there ever was an album to zone out to in a darkened room lit by florescent light and smelling of incense, this is it.


Luke Potter “One Day”
A new voice out there, Luke Potter is a young singer-songwriter from the UK who’s starting to make a buzz with his new EP, produced by power pop favorite Bleu. Opening with “Breathe In” it uses both guitar melody and Luke’s strong vocal to draw you in. “Chance Worth Taking” is a bit more typical rock ballad, but the title track “One Day” is more compelling and he gives you a truly inspirational chorus. Even Bruce Bodeen of PopGeekHeaven was said “Luke Potter appears to be primed to deliver some great work…” Check it out.