Tarmac Adam and Kevin Lee & The Kings

Tarmac Adam “The History Effect”
Tarmac Adam is a Melbourne pop band created by songwriter Matt O’Donnell and multi-instrumentalist Steve Paix with Rueben Alexander (drums), Josh Barber (percussion) and former Crowded House bassist Nick Seymour. The upbeat “Chalk On Slate” feels like a nod to those 80’s alt. pop hits by The Psychedelic Furs.

It then brings us a highlight with “Bygones” a richly arranged mid-tempo gem. That dream-like quality is all over this album, with O’Donnells’ light tenor doing wonders on the melodic “Giving It Back.” We spend time with slow tempo tunes, introspective lyrics, and it isn’t till we get moving with the excellent “Window Pane” that it draws you in again. There is also something about “Catch His Breath” that feels Andy Partridge influenced, with its horns and synths blending together. Give this one some time to grow on you, and you’ll be rewarded.


Kevin Lee and The Kings “Breakout”
I liked Kevin’s last album, and he picks up right where he left off. Those “Big Hooks and Chunky Guitars” are back as well. The album starts with “Tell Me Why” featuring highly polished chord progressions and simple chorus. Kevin’s sound gets a bit harder on “Burn It Down” and “Breakout” where the riff drives the song. The arcing theme of the album is about breakups and lost chances. “Gold Digger” kinda reminds me of early Bon Jovi, and “Outside Looking In” is a poignant tale of seeing your former girlfriend marry someone else. My favorite tracks are the tandem of  “Save Your Soul Tonight” and “Hope In A Hopeless World” with its inspirational lyrics and constructive message. Overall a solid release for fans of classic rock, with no filler either – highly recommended!

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