Corin Ashley “New Lion Terraces”

Recorded in Abbey Road Studios Corin’s follow up to Songs From The Brill Bedroom is a finely crafted pop gem full of meticulous compositions. With nods to McCartney, Badfinger and Emmit Rhodes, a  splendid time is guaranteed for all.  The simple keyboard notes of “Geez Louise” build to the sweet multi-tracked chorus. “Sgt. Sunshine” is the Beatlesque mid-tempo highlight with buzzing guitars and “la-la” English styled brilliance.

“Marianne” is very much like a Glen Tilbrook hit, and Ashley hits us with amazing key changes. The hooks in these first three tunes are so good, you can’t believe Corin can keep this up. But he can – the plaintive ballad “Badfinger Bridge” is a baroque gem, and even as Corin settles in, the warmth of each tune shines through. The homespun title track and “On The Ledge” charm you and “Malady” will just rock you. Honestly, this is the best album I’ve heard all year so far. Don’t wait – get it now.

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