Jeremy Porter & The Tucos and Ex Norwegian

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos “Partners In Crime”
Michigan’s Jeremy Porter is no stranger to power pop, alt. rock and country. He’s gained his chops in many bands, but with his buddies Jason Bowes (bass) and Gabriel Doman (drums) they are a tight energetic trio.

Starting with “Castaways,” its a catchy 3 minute rock song very similar style to The DB’s or REM brand of power pop. “Little Miss Awesome” is a slicker, 80’s styled tune that showcases Porter’s guitar riffs between each chorus. The country jangle comes out on “Wedding Day” and “Still Waiting Here.” And the band sounds like its having a great time on the bouncy “Pizza Girl” and the twisting lyrics of “What You’re Doing Today.” Each song is interesting (no filler here) and its played just right. Highly recommended.


Ex Norwegian “Crack”
Roger Houdaille’s continues to take Ex-Norwegian in bold directions, but always keeping those hooks in mind. “Your Own Swing” is a pretty basic sing-along that warms you up, but he throws a perfect curve with “Bibi Kan Werk It” which is part Weezer and part Beach Boys including a terrific melodic chorus.

“Aventura” has a bit more glam guitar, and the hook on “I’m A Fighter, Not A Lover” is even better with Michelle “Big Meech” Grand leading the vocals here. Then Roger struts in full Ziggy Stardust mode on “Full Time Lover.” With the unique harmony of Roger, Michelle and Giuseppe Rodriguez, the band is morphing into the America’s version of The Wellingtons. No real filler here, each tune has a strong beat and tries to experiment with unique sounds  and like all great power pop this Crack can be just as addictive.