Jim Camacho and Chris Price


Jim Camacho “Everywhere” EP
Once again the talented Camacho gives us a bright shiny pop with flamenco styled jangle on “Big Little World.” His insight lyrically is like a power pop version of Jackson Browne, on “Hold On Ariel.” Next “Everywhere” has a big hook with an expansive chorus, then slows the tempo down for a the next two tunes. Highly Recommended.


Chris Price “Homesick”
Los Angeles singer/songwriter Chris Price is proof you don’t need Auto-Tune or even a recording studio to craft perfect power pop. Chris downloaded a four-track app on his iphone and like One Like Son, created a sophisticated vintage sounding LP. It also helps that the melodies are darn near perfect, similar to Mike Viola on the title track, and “Suicide” is a fast paced gem with jangling riffs. The ballad “For All We Know” is a lot like Big Star’s “Thirteen.” The gorgeously crafted “That’s Your Boyfriend” and “Up In Flames” are more timeless baroque compositions. I wish I found this last year, it would definitely make my 2012 top ten for sure. Get it now.

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