The Left Behind and The Taters

The Left Behind “Volume One: We’re Already Gone” EP
From Marshalls Creek, PA comes a musician/producer named Tim O’Grady. His new project The Left Behind will appeal to fans of The Secret Powers, especially the opening track “She’s Had Enough Of Us.” The strong vocals, hand claps and dense melody of “I Don’t Want To Go Home” is another standout, along with the follow up “Is It Because?” Each song has a solid hook, even with a catchy organ bridge (similar to Smashmouth) on “I Won’t Regret A Single Thing.” I’m not sure if it was done on purpose, but the sound compression is fairly distracting – the backing vocals and rhythm often fuzzing into oblivion, especially on the last track “There You Go.” Also not sure if the music has anything to do with the popular Apocalyptic book series, but thank the Lord – this is a FREE download on Facebook!


The Taters “Taters Party”
The Taters are an eclectic mix of roots-rock, power-pop, with country and bluegrass tendencies. The band loves the old 60’s era pop influences and decided to get together a “live” show in the spirit of The Beach Boys Party LP. The good news is the album is an enjoyable one, boasting a colorful combination of covers and originals. “Pageboy” sets the casual tone, with guitars and bongos and the cover of Ringo’s “Photograph” is also very well arranged and performed. But the highlight of the disc came next; the catchy “New Girlfriend” and jazzy bounce of “Thingamajig.” But they get too ambitious, and Squeeze’s “Goodbye Girl” is sung like a Mariachi band. Worse, “Help Me Rhonda” makes it painfully obvious they can’t sing in perfect 4-part harmonies. Thankfully, the band gets back on track with a cool mash-up “Smoke on Route 66” and closes strong with the brilliant bluegrass styled “Titanic.” Perfect fun if you like a rockin’ Prairie Home Companion.

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