The Popdogs and The Sharp Things

The Popdogs “Cool Cats for Pop Dogs”
The Popdogs are one of the bands scheduled to play IPO Liverpool at The Cavern Club this year, and the debut LP is due out in May. From Lincoln, UK the band mines the jangly side of power pop goodness with influences clearly from REM, The Records and even The Smiths. Lead singer and songwriter James Styring and guitarist Tim McKeating are at the bands’ core and have great talent for power pop. “Kelly’s On” bounces along a hook filled chorus, leading to the angular guitar riffs of “Honest Guy.” Several songs are just classic, accessible gems like “High Time.” This is a signature tune with a repeating jangle rhythm and my favorite. Also recommended are “Ocean Blue,” and the awesome guitar riffs on “Kissin Alicia.” This is a terrific find and worth the wait.


The Sharp Things “Green Is Good”
The Sharp Things is a Brooklyn-based, pop and rock collective with eclectic influences including Mark Eitzel, Scott Walker, Jimmy Webb, David Bowie, Radiohead, and Joe Cocker. This album is a shout out to those who supported the “Occupy” movement out there, especially the opener “Blame The Bankers” playing out like a Bowie tune. The styles vary wildly. Some songs work, and others don’t. My faves here include “Flowers For My Girl” which sounds like a Foundations outtake, and the catchy “Goodbye To Golders Green,” with its ominous minor chords. Check it out, it’s a FREE download.


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  1. Is the Popdogs lead vocalist trying to sound like Freddie Garrity channeling Buddy Holly on purpose?

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