Poster Boy “Melody”

A big thanks to Bill Kopp for finding this trio from Budapest, Hungary last year. Poster Boy has both Brit-pop and Motown influences on its debut LP. The title track has a Beatlesque quality with dual Rickenbacker guitars and harmonies (and its my favorite tune here).

The band then gives us a completely different sound, alt. pop more like the Shins with the soft “Pale Blue Eyes.” The hook filled chorus of “Portland Head Light” adds a little Superdrag meets Pearl Jam. It then shifts gears again with the fast-paced hand claps of “Traction” and goes into a soulful lounge-pop tune with “It’s Over.” In each case the song is fine on its own, but it feels like a collection of singles rather than a cohesive album. The stylistic shifts also make it tough to pin down a distinctive sound for the band, which may or may not be a problem. Either way you should applaud the excellent musicianship here, highly recommended.

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