Brass Bed and The President Lincoln

Brass Bed “The Secret Will Keep You”
Louisiana based band Brass Bed’s new album The Secret Will Keep You mixes ambient streams with its pop song craft. “Cold Chicory” is ringing echo filled garage tune with dissonant creepy backing sounds. There are many layers to each song here, “Please Don’t Go” has a harsh noisy opening but sweet melody lies underneath – and that’s the template here.

The standout “How To Live In A Bad Dream” marries these contrasts in the best way. Another gem “Back and Forth” is one of those depressing stories of loneliness set to a bouncy beat. The hooks here make each dark vision accessible, even on the slower songs like “I Guess I’ll Just Sing.” The hazy last track “Have To Be Fine” drifts along, but makes its impact. The patient listener is rewarded here, so let it grow on you.


The President Lincoln “The Sinking of The President Lincoln”
Named after an early 20th century ocean-liner, and like the journeys of the great ship itself, the songs of The President Lincoln are all over the map. Written and performed by Alex Maws, his nasal approach reminds me immediately of Anton Barbeau. The opener “A Year in Photographs” is good alt. rock anthem with an Americana styled rhythm.

“This Could Be Our Country”and “Middle Distance,” feel like lyrically dense speeches set to music. The bluesy “Things We Don’t Talk About,” a duet with Stephanie Morgan that details an office affair is the albums best track. It unfolds like a scene from musical drama, and builds to a beautiful crescendo. Unfortunately, the other songs lack both drama or the hooks to sustain interest for long. Let’s hope TPL resurfaces with a bit more consistency.