The Electric Stars and Tony Low

The Electric Stars “Sonic Candy Soul”
Manchester glam/rock/psyche pop band The Electric Stars channels assorted vintage sounds, starting on “136” it’s “beautiful music for beautiful people” with thick riffs and vocalist Jason Edge playing the part of Ziggy Stardust. “Between The Streets and The Stars” creeps along until we get to the anthem chorus (love the “ohh la la” backing vocals). After the spartan “Alice Williams,” we get the groovy “I Want You” and its super cool riff (variation on Johnny Rivers “Secret Agent Man”) will surely win you over.

“Who’s Gonna Satisfy Me?” makes use of psychedelic effects effectively with excellent layering of guitars, hand claps and vocals. Edge’s dramatic voice carries the ballads “Slow Again” and “Bedtime Stories”fine, the arrangements sound like they came off the soundtrack to The Phantom of The Paradise. Once more we get perfect mix of Glam and Brit Rock on “Not Man Enough.” Highly Recommended and loads of fun.


Tony Low “Tone-wah” EP
Tony Low formerly of the ’80’s power pop pioneers The Cheepskates, continues his solo journey with Tone-wah. “Smoke From Space” is a trippy opening on par with The Pillbugs, and it gets better from there. “The Secret” is a gem with a catchy chorus and some excellent guitar work.

“Bass Guitar” finds him “Freezing in his Beatle Boots,” trying to keep his spirits up playing in “My Father’s Place” where his music “was too flat.” Tony channels Ray Davies stylistically here and on dour “Won’t Somebody?” with a Celtic styled flourish at the songs end. Well done, Tony.

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