Free Music Friday: Hanky Panky, Justin Kline and Erik Voeks

Hanky Panky “A Precious Bitch” EP
I don’t know much about this band, other than they are from Nantes in the west of France. No website, no Facebook, nothing…. The lead singer has a cute French accent though, and the single “Precious Bitch” has a catchy melody. I hope to hear more from them in the future. Give it a try, its FREE.

FREE on Bandcamp | Lyrics and video here


Justin Kline “Doormat” EP
Talented power pop artist from Tennessee Justin Kline is back with 4 new tunes full of hooks, driving guitars, and happy melodies. Performing every instrument and singing every note himself, Justin presents an electrified batch of songs more reminiscent of some of his previous solo work (We love that, Justin!) This EP is a teaser for his next upcoming album release. Enjoy!

FREE on Noisetrade | or donate $4 on Bandcamp


Erik Voeks “Finulu” EP
Voeks was an old favorite of mine, from the Not Lame days with Sand Box (now a big time collector’s item). It was great to find him again and with a new EP mixed and mastered by Adam Schmitt. Okay, it’s not free, but four bucks is so cheap you should give it a shot. The bouncy “Descending From A Daydream” is a fast paced gem that proves Voeks talent is as sharp as ever. It goes into a ballad mode on “Hester A.Fish,” another sweet gem. Check it out!  (P.S. You can get a digital version of Sand Box here.)
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  1. Sandbox is one of my favorite cds. Soundtracked an interesting time in my life. Can’t wait to hear the new CD. W/ Adam Schmitt no less!

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