The Bottle Kids and Brady Harris

The Bottle Kids “Such a Thrill”
The Bottle Kids aka singer/songwriter Eric Blakley was the lead guitarist on Paul Collins’ most recent album, King Of Power Pop. This new solo album has its roots in 70’s skinny tie pop, like The Records, The Knack, and The Beat. The first several tracks starting with “Kissing You” and “Wave Goodbye (There She Goes)” have a sharp sound, sparsely arranged with a driving rhythm.

And that’s where Blakley’s strengths lie, the opening riffs tell you everything you need to know.”Yes You Can” hits you with its punchy chorus and fast beat. “I’m In Love With You” is a bit like those old Raspberries ballads, soaring chords over a slow piano melody. And he spreads his influences out, as “The Most Beautiful Girl in The World” is done in a jingle-jangle 60’s merseybeat style. But a few tracks feel like the musical idea never got past opening intro, for example in “Careful What You Wish For” I kept waiting for a middle eight that never arrived. However, overall this is an terrific power pop album bathed in retro swagger and energy.

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The Brady Harris Band “NoHo Confidential” EP
After the solid Year of The Pug, Brady Harris returns. The lovely opener “Kate, Stay Late” is a Beatlesque charmer with a wicked guitar break. The follow up “You I Know” is a low key approach, but the guitar stylings remain, and “Mexico” is a strong catchy song that reminds me of  The Krayolas and Gerry Beckley (America). “Blue” slows things down even more with its romantic ballad, the guitar is very subtle focusing on Brady’s sleepy vocal. But this doesn’t mean its boring, in fact its compelling and begs repeat listens. “Northern Soul” has a nice slide guitar and jangle, very much like George Harrison at his peak. FYI: He also has a French language guitar EP called Mectologie.

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