Late Cambrian and Street Corner Symphony

Late Cambrian “Peach”
A trio of Brooklyn alternative rockers has a winner here with the opener “Lover’s Point.” Its got  fast paced verses and a shiny Strokes-like chorus. Heavy guitars open “The Label Needed A Single” like Sugar Ray meeting up with The Plain White Tees. Lots of energy, real-life narrative and layered instrumentation make this a fun listen.

I also liked the riff work on “The Wolf,” with its rhythm similar to The Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian.” The popular single “Ryan Gosling” is included here, easily the most danceable tune on the LP. No real filler amongst the 13 tracks, even though the melodies on the first half are better. The band even manages to indulge with the instrumental “Hypgnotica/Afternoon Special.” Ends with a strong melody in “The Luddite” and the interplay of the male vocalist/guitarist John and female voclaist/keyboardist O is magical. Highly Recommended.

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Street Corner Symphony “Southern Autumn Nostalgia”
Here is a talented a cappella pop group based out of Nashville, Tennessee that won acclaim in NBC’s all-vocal competition, The Sing-Off. The group starts out smoothly with the jazzy gospel inspired “Voodoo.” It gets even better with “Little Old Me,” its Wilsonesque-syled harmonies and its “ba-ba-ba” choral break. Fans of The Sonic Executive Sessions will love this.

“Loves A Loser” is similar to a Bleu ballad with its prayer-like sighs and another highlight is “Frozen In Time” with its slick hook and polished production. “Picturing You” and “Myriad Of Stars” are fine vocal ballads, each band members voice is so similar to each other you’d be hard pressed to tell who is doing the lead. The only big misfire is the ending combo of “Sicut Tempus Fugit” and “Dragon Rider” which together sounds like a pretentious remake of Spinal Tap’s “Stonehenge.” But for fans of great harmonies it’ll be enough.

Amazon LP due out in July.