Lyn Saga and The Real Numbers

Lyn Saga “Venice”
Recently I got a huge pile of new music from female power pop artists, Lyn Saga being the first. The melodic pop and percussive “The Day We Met” starts us off and charms with its multi-tracked vocal chorus. She is an accomplished guitarist too, as her solid guitar riffs lead the way on “I Believe” and “I Didn’t Mean To.”

Her clear vocals play both the pop princess and bad-girl rocker. “Life Is But A Dream” is a Weezer-styled tune and it impressed me the most with its loud riffs and hook filled chorus. “The Only One” brings back memories of Liz Phair with its slow, sparse opening turning into a hand clapping rocker. A touch of Shangri-Las nostalgia guides “Stay,” its also super catchy and invites repeat listens. Its hard to find anything here that’s even mediocre, but its short a real ballad to break up things. The title track is another feel good tale about leaving the 9 to 5 and heading for the California Beach. Exceptional power pop that deserves a spot on my top ten for 2013 list.


The Real Numbers “1-2-3-4-5” EP
San Francisco musicians, Dave Ambrose and Lawrence Grodeska share a love of melody and guitar hooks, so it didn’t take too long to follow up their debut,  and this one is lots of fun. The title track sets the mood, and its catchy sing-by-the-numbers chorus will appeal to the inner kid in you. “Godzilla Girl” is another standout track with a driving bass line thanks to Chuck Lindo, a harmony laden chorus, and the added sound effects are bonus. “Daphne” is a jazzy pop departure, a sad song that’s sung with earnest optimism. “The Wiggle” is an ode to a favorite bike route to Golden Gate Park, but it’s cheery approach is like “The Wiggles,” so your kids will enjoy it too. No real filler here, overall a well-crafted slice of power pop – so pick it up!

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  1. Hey Aaron: Thanks for letting me know about Lyn Saga’s album. I sauntered on over to the CD Baby link, had a listen to the excerpts there, and thought “Oh yeah – this is my kind of power pop. I gotta buy the album.” So I did. And now I’m wondering if Lyn is going to release it as a CD so I can buy it again.

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