Martin Gordon and Laurie Biagini

Martin Gordon “Include Me Out”
Bassist/songwriter Martin Gordon is a former member of Sparks, Jet and Radio Stars, he now concludes his satirical musical journey after five volumes of his “Mammal Trilogy.” Gordon has many influences, but his music sounds like an unholy alliance of Andy Partridge, Ray Davies and NRBQ.

“Gotta Go Green” is a militant anthem for the energy efficient masses cause its a “real no-brainer.”  Some of the songs are rants like “If English was Good Enough” or “User Generated”sung with so much cynical bluster, they are ultimately novelty tunes. Much more impressive is “Stanley Green” with its horns, layered strings and rising chorus. Another fun song is “Nobody Went To The Moon” dedicated to all those conspiracy nuts who think the Moon landing is a fake. Another notable track “Call Me Anne” has solid bass line and catchy chorus, plus Gordon really rocks out on “Still Not Lovin,” my favorite here. Martin is an acquired taste, but still a rewarding listen.

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Laurie Biagini “Sanctuary of Sound”
This is the fourth LP by Vancouver singer/songwriter Biagini, and I’m glad summer is finally here. Often referred to as a “One-Woman-Beach-Boys,” she also takes her cues from The Honeys and The Shangri-Las.

The title track has a Mamas and Papas feel, with its sparkling harmonies and catchy beat. Her songwriting has definitely improved as “Monkey Business” and “Rise Up” boast sophisticated melodies. Echoes of other 60’s sunshine pop bands can be felt in “Shades of Green” and “Springtime of My Mind.” The albums middle boasts the surfer style we are familiar with like “Gold Plated Girl” and “Run To The Sun.” If I nit-pick, I will say Laurie’s lead vocal has faded more into the mix, but overall this music is a bright summer treat.

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