London Egg and The Silver Liners

London Egg “If It Takes Forever”
After a pretty retro-flavored debut, London Egg switches gears slightly to add more modern influences. Starting out with a dedication to INXS singer Michael Hutchence, “On Fire” has charging riffs and lead singer Egg channels Mick Jagger with his bluesy snarl.”Touching Eternity” is a little 90’s styled pop-rock gem with a nice shift in chords during the melody.

Production is hugely improved thanks to The Grip Weeds, Kurt Reil. “And Address It To Me” adds an updated Beatles style to the mix with some great harmonies. The jarring “Dance Of Life” is a strange mix of styles; Dylan, Stones and The Grip Weeds. The variety of stylistic approaches may appeal to some, but I found the band succeeds with the pure guitar power pop of “You Get What You Give,” but not with the psyche-lite “Gun.” Fortunately, most of the album is driven by those powerful riffs and simpler rockers like “Our Luv Dance” and the title track. The band has to strike a delicate balance and it accomplishes this on “Boy Do I Remember” reminiscent of  The Small Faces (as if they did Sgt. Peppers). Highly Recommended.

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The Silver Liners “Bliss”
The Silver Liners have moved away from guitar based rock of its debut towards a more synth based alternative pop. After hearing “Criminal,” it has more in common with Coldplay than anything else. The vocals are overly smoothed and the echoing stadium style is more something I would hear in my gym than listen to at home.

“Scars” attempts to add the deep drum beat similar to Depeche Mode, it still has a chorus buried amongst the heavy gloss with a female vocal also in the mix. All this tells me is that the band has “sold out” and is pandering to major label “taste-makers.” Not bad for what it is, but it vanishes in a sea of other top 40 electronica pop acts.