Spider72 and Son of Skooshny

Spider72 “Seven”
Neo-Psychedelic musician Simon Berry is the force behind pop band Beaulieu Porch and Spider72, so for those of you looking to tune in and trip out, you can’t get much better. “Fathermother” oozes sugary pop goodness on par with Olivia Tremor Control or The Pillbugs and each track following gets groovier. “Devolution” sports a layered riff with multiple vocals hitting each region of the speaker. Simon’s vocal isn’t the strongest, a bit too twee with a touch of Lennon but the melodies and guitar rhythms carry each tune. Taken from a variety of influences with lush production, some real standouts include “Thursday Night Revival” which adds a touch of The Who, and the Pepper-ism “It’s Good To Be Bad.” Occasionally the dense composing gets too thick (“Salavador’s Friends”) but if you love 60’s psyche-pop this is a “must buy.”

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Son of Skooshny “Mid Cent Mod” EP
Skooshny frontman Mark Breyer with producer–collaborator Steve Reflingby returns with a damn fine example of roots oriented pop. Starting with the REM meets Elms like “Dizzy” it displays a memorable melody with a full rich sound. The title track “Mid Century Modern” has a touch of that SoCal sound that flows beautifully from one verse to another and the slow deliberate jangle on “Sorry” is an ineffectual plea “three strikes you’re out… I’m no good at apologies.” Each tune tells a vivid story,  the production is flawless and that’s about all you need here. I just wish Mark picked a better band name. Highly Recommended.

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