Doug Bryan “Antique Future”

Solid songwriting and clever melodies are characteristics of this new album from Dallas musician Doug Bryan. On top of that you have an All-Star supporting cast of music talent: Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Dallas producer  Salim Nourallah, Miles Zuniga (Fastball) and Bryan Wakeland (The Polyphonic Spree). Opening with the languid “Panic” it’s punctuated by vocal harmonies and Ringo-like drum fills. What’s missing from Doug’s nasal vocals is made up with his lyrical mastery on “Cure For Happiness,” and its catchy chorus that keeps things moving. The atmospheric “The Blackheath Standard” reminds me of Brad Jones solo LP, Gilt Flake.

Doug’s day job is that of a film editor and he shares his experiences on “Orange County” with lots of cinematographer terminology, and the acoustic ballad “Cannonball” is an earnest description of a weary romantic. Out of left field comes “Stalemate” with Tilbrook lending his vocals, and Zuniga on guitar; its a long lost Squeeze tune. Multiple listens are required to really appreciate the subtle touches, however Bryan loses me on the faux-Buddy Hollyisms of “Bombscare.” And toward the albums second half it gets more and more convoluted, but still worth exploring. While not for everyone, Antique Future is like a box of peanut brittle. Crunchy, nutty and delicious!