The Charlie Watts Riots and Any Version Of Me

The Charlie Watts Riots “A Break In The Weather”
Albany based guitar-pop band the Charlie Watts Riots don’t agree on all their musical tastes—though they do share an appreciation for snazzy suits. But bassist Mike Pauley, guitarist Seth Powell and drummer Joe Putrock can cite one primary influence that brought the Charlie Watts Riots together; a love for rock and roll and that rush of combustible energy when they play. They showed potential on their debut, Long Story Short – but now they sound a lot heavier with even better melodies.

Like a power pop version of Nirvana, the dual layered guitar attack of “Bottom” sets the stage. “Curtains” is a mix of Fountains Of Wayne with Foo Fighters.  “Luanne” has a slow build but quickly becomes a fast paced single that won’t leave your head. Each tune keeps you interested, fans of Superdrag and The Posies are sure to love this. Like The Connection, this band has a command of melodic riffs and minor chords aplenty.


Any Version Of Me “We Are You”
This is the fifth album by this mysterious Frenchman, and here he slowly moves away from this Brian Wilson influences to incorporate a more rounded sound. The opener “Can’t You See” is familiar, but he shifts with electronic synths on “Six and Three.” The barebones acoustic title track shows us a folkie side, but “No Answer” is a much stronger tune and the up-beat “Why Feel So Blue?” is a real charmer, like a Left Banke tune. My favorite here is is “Goodbye” which is kinda if Sondre Lerche played The Monkees. Lots of fun and best of all the download is FREE.

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