Schnauser and The Brigadier

Schnauser “Where Business Meets Fashion”
Welcome to the world of Schnauser – a place where Canterbury prog, 60s psych and melodic pop gently collide. After the impressive Sound of Meat, the band picks up where it left off albeit at a less manic pace. It’s about contrasts for lead singer/songwriter Alan Strawbridge (Lucky Bishops). “Showers of Blood” cheerfully describes a gory scene with a sweet chorus. “Good Looking Boy” is another winner about a computer nerd who sees nothing special in “good looking girls.”

The Byrdsian jangle starts off “Dinner Party,” its a highlight with many key changes to delight. “Pigeons” and “Waterloo Teeth” channel Ray Davies through bright Floydian glasses. A Schauser album is always a treat for listeners who re-visit the album. It’s got a dark psychedelic trip just underneath that sugary coating. You’ll always hear a passage that catches you, or a twist that loses you (often midway through a song). A musical maze awaits for the smart audiophile!

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The Brigadier “Suburban Incubation”
Welsh musician Matt Williams (The Brigadier) once gain showers us with melodic pop-rock full of intricate chord changes and lighter than air melodies. He starts with the up tempo “It Needed to be Sunny” chock full of fuzz guitar goodness. The pastoral compositions are still here, “Don’t Want To Think Anymore” and “Little Boba” are perfect for a lazy Sunday in the park.

Some of the songs stick to the theme of getting older, from the insecurities of the love song “Do You Want Me Too?” to the look back at “The Middle Ages.” The Brigadier continues to dazzle us with the excellent “Music Makes The Pain Go Away.” Is there anything else more truthful? Highly Recommended.

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