The Bye Bye Blackbirds and The Twigs

The Bye Bye Blackbirds “We Need The Rain”
Singer/songwriter Bradley Skaught brings a terrific power pop vision to the newest album from The Bye Bye Blackbirds. The Bay Area band has been considered “thinking man’s rock and roll” often compared to Sloan  and Big Star.  The opener “All In Light” is darn near perfect start with big hook filled riffs in the Cheap Trick vein, then “Like A Thief” reminds me of a Posies tune with its cynical lyric in the chorus, “don’t ever, ever pray for love.” The wicked riffs lead “Butterfly Drinks” and then the slightly Beatlesque “Brand New Sitting Still” offers up a sunnier outlook on relationships.

Each song is carefully produced and the musicianship is top shelf here, without a dud track to be found. That said not everything sticks right away either, but the harmonies on “Waiting For The Drums” are amazing and the deliberate paced guitar on “Secret Ride” recalls Richard X Heyman. The band also does a rocking cover of Free’s “Broad Daylight” and tries a go at “Spin Your Stars,” a Neil Young styled mid-tempo roots rocker. Highly Recommended.

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The Twigs “Jump Right In”
Are you ready for a shiny bright ray of sunshine pop? The Twigs are twin sisters, songwriters and singers Linda and Laura Good, with Laura on guitars, vocals, ukulele, bass, keys and programming and Linda on piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, guitar, and vocals. Like the Corner Laughers, the duo displays clever lyrics, catchy melodies and luscious harmonies in “I Got A Great Idea.” They’re also positively wonderful on “Sunshine” and “Baby, Don’t Cry” – guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Like a mix of Lisa Loeb and The Beach Boys.

Okay, “You Are The Sweetest Thing”  and “Panda Bear” are most definitely kids bubblegum music. But if you are willing to tolerate it, you will be rewarded with those harmonies again in “Jump Right In” and “Frere Jacques.” It ends with a bedtime lullaby “Time To Sleep” and if you have a toddler this will be the “go-to” CD for both of you.

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