1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco and Nick Vernier Band

The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco “The Cruise Control EP”
I know almost nothing about this UK band, but it does have a slick melodic style very much in the mode of early Steely Dan with a touch of Squeeze or Randy Newman. Most impressive is “The Legend of Josie & The Juke” with its catchy melody in the chorus, solid harmonies and lead guitar. “List Study” is a detailed study with classic jazz rhythm guitar punctuating each chorus.”Breakfast Of Kings” is a rousing bar sing-along.

The band has a few other singles on Bandcamp from earlier this year, one I liked here was “Jackie & Norm & The Hairdresser to The Stars.” a livid character study.  And the earlier LP Private Jet Flashback is a “name-your-price” download. A real buried treasure of a band that deserves to be heard!



Nick Vernier Band “Don’t Know What To Say”
Eric Van Den Brink (Nick Vernier Band) has a knack for picking great collaborators. He’s worked with Gerry Beckley (America), The Monkees, and Probyn Gregory (The Wondermints, Brian Wilson Band). Now with David Paton (Pilot,) Eric has put together a single called “Don’t Know What To Say.” Its a nice catchy song, and we hope a full album follows.


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