International Pop Overthrow “Volume 16”

international pop overthrow

It’s always been essential that I get the new IPO compilation, because each year IPO guru David Bash knows what makes great power pop. And once again we get a bountiful 68 song, 3 CD set of bands who have played IPO festivals from all over the world. We’ll do a disc-by-disc review:

Disk 1: Dave always finds gems I’ve missed and the first track is a perfect example with Mothboxer “Shame It Always Rains,” and its nods to ’60s garage pop. Beatlesque David Minchin is another find with “Please Don’t Go,” and the crisp guitars of The Maladaptive Solution “Abacus” impressed me too. More notable newcomers include Irene Pena, Cronin Tierney Band and Stephen Bunovsky.

Disk 2: The definition of power pop isn’t strict, and we get dabbling in melodic folk pop with Mustache Fable (“Two Truths One Lie,”) and punk pop with The Baghdaddios (“No Big Deal”). Lisa Mychols new trio does a great tribute to another power popper “Bruce Foxton.” Nostalgia buffs will love The JAC’s “Record Store” and the bubble gum garage of The Cool Whips “Boom-Shang-a-Lang.” This disc’s pleasant Anglo-styled surprises includes Warm Morning Brothers, Logan Squares and The Newds.

Disk 3: Swim Atlantic does a masterful job with harmonies on “Seam To Seam” and Jared Lekites gives us a the catchy “Too Far Gone.” More gems include “Look At The Girl” by Dan Markell, and Gooey’s “Watch Out” which brings to mind the late great Lou Reed. This disc has plenty of quirky pop like John McMullan (“Mrs. Reginald”) and the Blake Jones & The Trike Shop tribute to Frank Zappa. Its the most eclectic disc in the collection, and it ends with a standout song, “Destination Unknown” by Private Jets.

As usual, this compilation is essential listening, and a perfect addition to your IPO collection.  If you don’t have an IPO collection, get this one and work your way backwards. Don’t forget that the International Pop Overthrow festival continues year-round, and is expected in New York on Wednesday, November 13 through the 17th. As always I will be there, soaking in all the musical goodness.
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  1. I have most of the IPO CDs and they are all treasures. I find favorite songs and new bands on each new release.

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