IPO Fall 2013 Report

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Following our own Power Popaholic Fest lead, the International Pop Overthrow came back to New York in the borough of Brooklyn last week. The venue was easy to get to, plus Matchless boasts a good sound system and plenty of room for patrons to get up close and personal with the IPO artists.

The music was uniformly very good, and special kudos goes to Cliff Hillis who played with both Corin Ashley and Starbelly. I was impressed with several bands; The Modulators brought a roaring audience with them, and the Rousers are another tight combo that didn’t miss a note. Guest Kurt Reil joined London Egg on stage,  Meyerman rocked loudly and Jana Peri had a full band backing her great voice. Like the spring IPO in NYC, power pop veterans Starbelly mesmerized the crowd. An excellent time was had by all, thank you David Bash for another successful concert series!