Dylan Sires and Neighbors “No One”

It’s not easy to pigeon-hole the Iowa based Dylan Sires and Neighbors. They definitely have a solid command of melody in the tradition of power pop, and are influenced by The Beatles, Vampire Weekend and 50’s styled balladry. The title track, “No One” is a bouncy piano melody with strong vocal harmonies and a Beatlesque beat. “In My Neighborhood” features a Harrison-like slide guitar and Dylan’s delicate crooning vocal. Quick tempo guitar riffs are main draw in “Save My Life,” and “Messenger” with its dense Rickenbacker textures similar to Mod-era Who. At points the instrumentation has a minimal lounge-like feel like on “Hold Me” and “Second Man.”

Another highlight is the Nilsson-like “Pictures of You” showing a vivid memory coming to life. “One Shot” is another compelling rocker, one thing for sure is that Sires has a unique sound combination and precise musicianship that will keep you interested all the way through. On Bandcamp is the follow-up Someone is ready as well. Both LPs are part of a three album trilogy titled No One/Someone/Everyone. Everyone will be released summer 2014.

Someone has a highlights as well. “Good Ol’ Boy” is a catchy gem that features Dylan’s high crooning and “Someone Knows” has an infectious beat and guitar rhythm.

Not to be outdone this season, the band has its own Christmas single.