Free Music Friday: Cricketbows, The Crush and Vira Casaca

Cricketbows – We’ve featured Cricketbows before, so now these semi-exclusive demo tracks are being hosted by Power Popaholic at a “name-your-price” option. These songs will be part of Cricketbow’s next album release of 2014. Just listen to the lyrics of “Raised On Rock and Roll.” It’s pretty damn sweet.

The Crush – This unsigned Seattle band does it bouncy and “The Hook” is exactly what you think it is. Like a female fronted version of The Raspberries, they also have a very 60’s-like track called “Bliss”, that’s for FREE too.  My guess is they won’t stay unsigned for too long.

Vira Casaca – They’re from Lisbon, Portugal. They rock in Portuguese. Pick up this single that reminds me of The Connection a little. Hmm, didn’t that band just finish a tour there recently? Wonder if a full release will show up?


Also we’ve shared the Cricketbows tracks with CaptainSIB a blog from Scotland, UK. Look! They did a cool write up.