The New Trocaderos and The Rationales

The New Trocaderos “Money Talks/The Kids” EP
The New Trocaderos are Brad Marino and Geoff Palmer from The Connection and fellow power popper Kurt Baker in a wild collaboration with songwriter/producer Michael Chaney.  “Money Talks” is straight from the Connection template of fast tempos, solid guitar riffs and harmonies all the way through. “The Kids” is sung by Baker and comes closer to the Ramones/Elvis Costello style. Either way this is a really nice EP and great way to start the year. Any chance a full LP will be on its way?

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The Rationales “Dream Of Fire”
Even after giving myself a rest after my top 25 last week, I will find lots and lost of music I missed. The Rationales’ latest EP, Dream of Fire,  features 5 tracks recorded with producer Ed Valauskas (Juliana Hatfield, Graham Parker)and showcases the improved songwriting and skilled musicianship that make them a band that belongs on your radar. “Drunk all the Time,” and “Radio” are hard driving pop tracks that have plenty of melodic muscle. The remaining tracks allow the band the get denser, anthem-styled rock songs out, and I look forward to more from this talented band in 2014.

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