Evil Arrows and Steven Bakur

Evil Arrows “EP 1”
With Evil Arrows, Bryan Scary has scaled back the stylistic excess that flowed freely with The Shedding Tears. But the catchy melodies are still there and the simpler compositions allow the listener to absorb the songs better.

The first track “Romancer” starts with a sparse guitar strum, then the signature sticky chorus starts up with great percussion and bass lines. “Silver Bird” is another ear worm with Bryan’s vaudevillian keyboard skills. “The Lovers” is a sweet combination of bouncy melody and somber guitar licks. Every track here shines and production is clean and straightforward. First on my list for best EP of 2014, and it bodes well for future Arrows releases.



Steven Bakur “Sooner Than Later”
Bakur is an adult contemporary pop musician with a polished sound, starting with “Sasha Says,” a jingle jangle pop tune with rock guitar riffs in the chorus that really come to life.”Comes & Goes” is very much like a Peter Cetera song with sweeping dramatic chords about a tragic female figure, “…her life’s so wrong.”

Bakur’s guitar opens up “So Shy,” with piano and orchestral accents driving the chorus and its another highlight. Vocally Steven does a good job, but occasionally a few tracks do feel like sketched ideas (“Sorry”) or treacle (“Mannequin”). The first half has the best music, sure to appeal to fans of Richard X. Heyman or Van Morrison. Give it a try.

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