The Maureens and New Electric Ride

The Maureens “The Maureens”
If you love melodic ’60’s pop then catch this debut of The Maureens from Utrecht, Holland. The charming instrumental “Zuma Beach” opens things up, and the harmonies of “Brother” are just fantastic. Fans of The Hollies and Beach Boys should take notice, the subtle harp accompanies the guitar jangle on “Early June.” The hand-clapping, harpsichord and “la-la” chorus of “Captain’s Holiday” will remind plenty of listeners of The Cowsills. The simple vocals and guitar of “There Goes My Love” is an intimate campfire ballad that dazzles as well.

Each song chimes along with only short bits of filler (“Radio”). More highlights include “Freeway,” “Desert Song” and “Mary-Ann.” Overall this is an excellent example of using the vintage rock influences to make great new music. The Maureens are even offering you a free track here. Don’t miss the best debut this year!

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New Electric Ride “Ballon Age”
After starting life out as a pub-rock band from Northeast England the New Electric Ride decided to go into the time machine. They set the dials to “1968” and have been staying at Sgt. Pepper’s house ever since. After a classical instrumental intro, we are sucked into the psychedelic pop jam of “Here Comers The Bloom,” with a groovy bass lead that recalls Olivia Tremor Control. The wicked guitar lead on “Marquis De Sade” is another highlight, similar to King Crimson or Iron Butterfly.

“Bye Bye (Batin Rogue)” and “Bring What You Expect To Get” are very much in the style of The Move with some impressive vocal harmonies and densely layered instrumentation. And you’ll have a fun time playing “spot the psychedelic influence,” for example “In Chains” follows the muse of Spencer Davis Group. Fans of XTC alter-ego Dukes of The Stratosphere will also want to tune into this full immersion of 60’s psychedelic pop. Even Austin Powers would say “Yeah, baby! Yeah!”


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