Friday Freebies: 8×8 and Loop Line

The transatlantic duo of Lane Steinberg and Alexander Khodchenko (aka 8×8) had a musical comment to recent events in Ukraine. In fact, Alexander lives in Kiev in the midst of all the current chaos. Listen and get a free download of “Stop The Madman,” and see if you can guess who they’re talking about.


Recorded very much like 8×8 is Tides, the debut album of the band Loop Line. Loop Line consists of two members: Luke, who currently lives in Japan, and Paul, who currently lives in the USA. Occasionally they get together in the same room, but for most of the album its been done through internet file/idea sharing. Tides is a massive undertaking with 21-tracks, and you’ll easily hear the Brian Wilson meets Weezer influence on some of the better tracks like “All I’m Waiting For” and “Used To Be.” The vocals are a real standout, and you’ll hear the improvement in harmonies on the latter tracks. It reminded me a little of last years John Hopkins album. A pretty impressive, if overwhelming debut that is a free download on Bandcamp.

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