The American Professionals and Donnie Vie

The American Professionals “We Make It Our Business”
No, its not an global business conglomerate or a Power Point template. The American Professionals are a a San Francisco power pop band lead by Chuck Lindo who has keep the band alive though several personnel changes over the years. The band still cranks out the thick power chords on par with Cheap Trick, The Knack and The Replacements as demonstrated with the opener “Other People.”

“Dr. Holly” is a quick high energy gem about a therapy session with an awesome guitar break mid way through. Bassist Cheryl Hendrickson takes the vocal lead on “Meltdown” and “The Mist” with mixed results. Her sweet voice contrasts with the heaviness of the guitars, which is a bit jarring. It works a little better when she moves from soft to loud on “Healing.” Lindo sure knows catchy rhythms, he’s joined by Hendrickson in a duet on the Gillian Welch cover “The Way It Goes.” “Champion” is a football pep talk with an anthem-like chorus and “Happening To You” is another inspiring melodic song. Highly Recommended.

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Donnie Vie “Goodbye Enough Z’nuff”
After over 20 years with legendary power pop band Enuff Z’nuff, it looks like lead singer Donnie Vie is finally saying farewell. The band is moving on with Johnny Monaco as lead singer, and Vie has released this solo record with the help of Baz Francis (Magic Eight Ball). It’s mostly done in the “unplugged” style with Vie going through a selection of hits, some live and others in studio. In this case the sadder tunes like “For Now,” “Holly Wood Ya” and “Someday” seems more poignant than the originals, and other tracks lose the power that made them memorable (“These Daze.”) The live tracks do have a few flaws in instrumentation, but Donnie’s voice is clear and expressive.

Donnie Vie and Chip Z’nuff have done acoustic shows in the past, and this is a worthy companion album for fans. I feel the band will never get the recognition it deserves only because it falls in-between the cracks of two fan bases. Too melodic for heavy-glam metal fans, and too much shredding for the Beatlesque power pop fans, but it’s a cult band that you should appreciate as the songwriting is some of the very best out there.




‘The Slingsby Hornets’ Ltd Ed (250) 7″ Vinyl Single
The Hornets are putting out an exclusive 7 inch picture sleeve single, featuring exclusive cover versions of The Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ and ‘Hey Bulldog’ performed in the Slingsby Hornets style (Yea! Brian May styled guitars!). It will come lovingly wrapped in a psychedelic 60′s inspired full colour sleeve.