Blow-Up and The Jac

Blow-Up “Teenage News 1976-1980”
Before Pat DiPuccio joined The Condors, he was in the L.A. band Blow-Up – a fixture at Bomp Records till about 1990. At the time the band was loved by local critics who called them “the best garage-pop band in L.A.” and included Tommy Dunbar (Rubinoos) on a few demo tracks. The unreleased title song showcases the raw punk pop of “Teenage News.” A nostalgic look back in “(It isn’t) 1965” and “Armed Robbery” is pretty standard punk in The Velvet Underground mode.

Things get a bit more sophisticated with the Stones-like “Souvenir” and “Local Hero,” and lead singer Jody Worth exhibits an attitude that is both Lou Reed and Mick Jagger. The most accomplished singles the band was known for was “Beat The Devil” and “Kicking Up A Fuss,”  both featured in the Mad Magazine movie Up the Academy (1980). Fans of The Ramones, Mott The Hoople and Sex Pistols will appreciate this curio of a long forgotten band more than most. Thanks goes to DiPuccio for compiling this piece of pop history.

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The Jac “Love Dumb” EP
Joe Algeri and crew, Dave Wallace (guitar), Jason Clearly (bass) and Mark Eaton (drums) are back! After the success of Faux Pas the band concentrates on an organic power pop sound and they sound great on the title track. Likewise the Byrdsian “Wherever You Go” is full of jangling goodness and true proof of Algeri’s awesome talents. Yet another cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen” is always welcome, and just to prove he’s loose — he does a corny electro pop tune “Frantic Romantic” better suited to the next Berlin or Kraftwerk album. Gotta love ’em, as we await more from The Jac.