The Jellybricks “Youngstown Tune Up”

The Jellybricks have always given us edgy, fuzz driven power pop – and they’re back once again for a Youngstown Tune-Up.  The Harrisburg, Pa.-based band, fronted by lead vocalist Larry Kennedy, sound tighter and better than ever. “About The Weekend” echos classic Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe with its signature choral riffs. “Probably Me” is full of energy, starting up with shouts of “Hey Hey!” and driving chords in the chorus, with an excellent break between verses.

As the band has grown more mature, it focuses less on the growling angst of their earlier sound and focuses on lyric and smart melody.”I’ll Go Mine” is an anthem to a break-up, with a solid guitar structure reminding me a bit of The Goo Goo Dolls or Counting Crows. Lots of great highlights here, “Eventually” is a wonder of harmonies and classic melody,  and “After You” is another great sing-along theme. Bottom line is this is the best Jellybricks album I’ve heard to date, and I’ve been following them since the late ’90s. They definitely deserve a spot in this years top ten list.

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One thought to “The Jellybricks “Youngstown Tune Up””

  1. The Jelly Bricks Rock! They are are talented gifted band with lots to offer. They have persevered together since the nineties and get better every day. They always have been tops on my chart! Not only can they sing, play, write and harmonize,they are performers. They are a sleeping giant waiting for the producer that will capture this opportunity. Given the opportunity they will be lasting legends who will be selling music 100 years from now! Go to Amazon and buy some Jelly Bricks music. You won’t be sorry! Keep rocking Jelly Bricks!

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