Damp and Terry Draper

Damp “Damp”
Damp is the duo of Ryan Bredehoeft and Jerry Bennett. They are primarily a piano and guitar pop band from Oregon. Both “Time” and “What’s to Come from What Has Been” focus on baroque melodies and harmonies recalling Elliot Smith mixed with early Billy Joel. Two versions of “Ye Ol’ Bitch” are next, one with a rootsy Beck style and the other sung like a stage showtune. And both are pretty catchy.

Both “A Song” and “This Too Shall Pass” sound like demos and that’s an issue with a few of these songs – they sound like filler.  But sometimes the melodies are so good you can look past the lo-fi delivery like “I Love You” and  “Swimming Lessons.” They get too cute on the kazoo backed “I’m Thinking of You,” but at least they don’t take themselves too seriously. The gems here are worth seeking out.

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Terry Draper “When The World Was Young”
Draper was part of the legendary band Klaatu, he’s made several solo LPs and this is his latest. Terry’s approach is now more romantic adult oriented pop music, and a slew of guests contribute here including Jamie Hoover, Ray Paul and Vinnie Zummo.

“All The King’s Men” is a pleasant pastoral song, and “(I’m So Happy To Be) Alive” and “Carry On” showcases Draper at his most Klaatu-like. “The Tea Horse Road” and “To Whom It May Concern” both have their moments, and the title track is a beautifully rendered epic ballad. Klaatu fans are sure to enjoy the highlights, and its only available through Terry’s website, so get’em while they last.

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