The Cry and Paul Starling

The Cry “Dangerous Game”
The Cry are back with a terrific power pop album, as the opening chords of “Discotheque” are part Lou Reed, The Soft Boys and Ramones wrapped up in those strutting lead riffs. The pop punk vibe of “Hanging Me Up” keeps up the quick uptempo pace, and “Nowhere To Go” adds a touch of greaser doo-wop styled vocal harmony.

“Shakin'” is particularly catchy with the wicked chorus “Shakin’ like a vibrator..” Similar to The Connection, the party continues through all 10 tracks meant to be played loud. And although it would be nice to toss a ballad to give us a breather,  you’ll find this a fine workout that’s filler free and a sure-fire contender for my top ten list this year.

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Paul Starling “Suit Of Armor”
Paul channels the nadir of 60s singer-songwriter era with “Natale Wood Reciting Lines” and the catchy chorus of “Watching The Candles Burn” makes it another standout. He has some wonderful shifting keys in “We’re All Becoming Policemen” and the echos of Brain Wilson’s melancholy are all over “If,” a yearning love song that really hits the mark.

“The Push & The Pull” gets inventive lyrically with a line like “I love you much more than anything/you’re the Benjamin Franklin to my kite string.” The production is pretty sparse which suits most songs, with Paul’s strumming guitar leading the way. It losses stream towards the albums end, but fans of melodic retro folk pop will surely enjoy this.