Spirit Kid and The Tangerines

Spirit Kid “Is Happening”
It’s been too long since I’ve heard Spirit Kid (aka Emeen Zarookian) and this new album is a joy to listen to. Heavily influenced by late ’60s bands and sounding a lot like Apples in Stereo’s Robert Schieder, the opener “Everything is Old” has an excellent chord structure and catchy baseline makes it pretty darn irresistible. A perfect mix of classic and modern sounds.

“Slow It Down” ironically picks up the tempo, with solid harmonies and frantic guitar shredding after the chorus. Then “Is This Heaven?” really shows us a longing ballad with jangle rhythm perfect for that slow dance at your senior prom. “Making Excuses” bookends pure Who from the “Who’s Next” era and then we get Dick Dale styled guitar accents on the catchy “Too Good For Winning.” The influences aren’t overdone, and each melody drives it home. Without a doubt, so far this is very high on my top ten list – an instant classic. After a long winter, I feel like spring has really arrived.



The Tangerines “Turn On The Light”
The third full length album from the Swedish power pop duo. “Turn On The Light” and “It’s Alight”  are a light jangle-filled confections, fans of Byrdsian strums will find hard to resist. The Tangerines have found their formula; a version of Spongetones-lite as Per’s vocal gently explains blissful satisfaction on the song “Once In A Lifetime.”

The Beatlesque bounce on “It’s A Girl’s Girl’s World” quickens the tempo and the story of “She’s So Fluffy” draws on the Ray Davies storytelling style and musical composition. The album goes through 16 tracks, most clocking in under 2 minutes. The only thing you could argue is that the sound can get a bit homogeneous, until you reach the faux-roots “Up The Country” and “All Through The Years” which mimics CSNY’s “Our House.” Otherwise this is a fine album, fans of mid 60’s pop will thoroughly enjoy.

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