Fernando Perdomo “Warm”

The full length debut album from former Dreaming in Stereo frontman Fernando Perdomo is what you’d expect from the veteran producer and musician. The comforting atmosphere of “Photographers in Love” and “Home Is Wherever You Are” both contain gentle melodies that evoke Jackson Browne and Elton John. A big highlight here is “Girl With A Record Collection” with a big hook in the opening chorus, Fernando is looking for a girl who “blew me away without saying a word.” and echos of Big Star follow the strums of the ballad “1970.”

The production is crisp and loose with some excellent musicianship on display. Fernando’s songwriting really shines on the acoustic “California Moon” and the sleepy “Angel Lust.” However the second half of this LP gets a little too laid back, so you may need a shot of espresso to stay awake. Otherwise a quality release for one of Miami’s most talented musicians.