The Jeremy Band “All Over The World”

Jeremy Morris has been a prolific creative force for many years now, and his latest album All Over The World is credited to his newly minted Jeremy Band which include his sons Peter and Mark (doing guitar, bass and vocals) along with several other musicians including Todd Borsch (The Ringles, The Gillegans, The Lemon Clocks) on guitar, bass, vocals and Bart Mendoza (The Shambles, True Stories) on guitar and vocals. Its still a Jeremy album, with the ever present shimmering jangle of Rickenbacker guitars and Byrdsian solos. The new band covers several classics from Jeremy’s past albums, originals and unique compositions recorded literally all over the world. And with a massive 20 tracks, its over 75 minutes of music.

Where to begin? The first 11 songs are taken from a live performance in San Diego. “Let Me In Your Heart” is a long jam that has a solid melody line and great bass hook, then the original “Cool Your Jets” has a bit of Raspberries in its DNA. The psychedelic “Rainbow Bridge” is from Jeremy’s other band The Lemon Clocks, but here the band stretches the song out. If you like jangle-prog jamming you’ll be enjoying this.

One big highlight is an extended version of “Pop Rules” with 12 guitar melodies interwoven into the break, from Dick Dale to Led Zeppelin. Many tracks were also recorded at IPO shows all over the world including the Cavern Club. While this may be overkill for some, its an effective representation of a power pop concert and “greatest hits” album. Enjoy!

Jam Records

Listen to a sample of “Cool Your Jets”