Updates from Hot Nun, The Nines and Radio Ready

While Jeff Shelton is working on new tracks for a new Well Wishers full length album, his harder edged side project Hot Nun with Braden McGraw  and Pete Bohan (Headslide),  released a lone single this week. The new Well Wishers LP is due out in September, you can always go get the Dunwoody EP in the meantime.


Also Steve Eggers of The Nines is hard at work on live album. Due out end of the month. Here is a bonus track from Nine Lives, a little cover tune written by an ex-Beatle…


Last summer we reviewed a compilation of rare power pop from Texas called Radio Ready, Vol.1, and this year another equally impressive collection has been released. This time Vol.2 goes north to Wisconsin and finds hidden gems that beg for re-discovery. Included in this are The Wigs – a classic power pop band that needs to be heard.