Cruise Elroy and Future Caveman

Cruise Elroy “EP1 and EP2”

A while ago I discovered a talented up-an-coming New York musician named Chris Merritt who has a gift for combining catchy melodies and scientific lyrics into lo-fi symphonies that caught my attention. A few years later he’s taken some of those gems and polished them up for his new band Cruise Elroy.

The production is crisp and dense, often using layered piano, organ, 8-bit sounds and multi-tracked vocals. The pair of EPs here is mixed bag of brilliant singles and experimentation.  On EP 1 the highlights include “Shorty,” “Tarmac” and the epic “Rain King” with its woven harmonies.
On EP 2, you get a little more experimenting with “Sisyphus” and the very Steely Dan-like “Killer” plus the best pop single of the bunch “Amelia.” If you’re looking for the “next big thing” then Cruise Elroy should be on your radar.

Ep1 | Ep2

Future Caveman

And that’s not all, folks! Merritt is also in another band with a harder edged sound called Future Caveman. No review yet, as the album isn’t officially out but several tracks have been leaked on YouTube for listening.

Not much on the website, but they have an active Facebook page. From what I’ve heard so far its got some heavy guitar oriented songs, but Merritt’s melodies and harmonies shine through. Stay Tuned!