New Music that needs your support!

Last month I took down the old “Help an Artist” page on the site and decided to add these pledge opportunities as regular posts, where they would get more exposure anyway. Well now we have 3 new projects that deserve your attention.

cliff hillis

Cliff Hillis has a new campaign for his upcoming E.P. “Song Machine” under way. Lots of goodies for contributors including Blue vinyl, CD, download & much more! Check it out at


Late Cambrian is presently in the mixing stages for their forthcoming album. It’s called “Golden Time” and is being partially funded by their Pre-Order Campaign. You could even get “The Scream of Destiny” for a price! Visit

The YouTube ID of oGfA0tQLX4Y?list=UU29XN6xhKMmgktFzRgFR8Ag is invalid. The first solo album from Maple Mars and Ruby Free frontman Rick Hromadka needs funding for mastering and duplication! Okay so he titles this pledge “Another Idiot Frontman Goes Solo,” but Rick is no idiot and I can’t wait to hear his latest. Visit