The Solicitors and The Tripwires

The Solicitors

The Solicitors “Blank Check”

The latest from Pop Boomerang Records, The Solicitors deliver an exciting full length album (after the impressive EP last year). Influenced by late 70’s and early 80’s pop, it brings to mind the excitement of bands like The Cars, The Knack and The Jam. Formed in Melbourne, Australia by English songwriter Lee Jones and American guitarist Laf Zuccarello, they later added supporting members James Manning and Matt Stirling to the band. The songs go by quickly, the crisp guitar work and catchy riffs are out front on the opener “If You Let Me Hold You” and fans of Kurt Baker or The Wellingtons will love the swirling melody “Pretty Penny.”

Each track continues this formula on the mid-tempo “Help Me Forget” and they crank up things on “I Love Your Love” with its rising chords. “Quicksand” is another gem that is similar to classic Sloan. Plenty of highlights and no filler either, most of the album is high energy until we end on the slow ballad “Goodbye.” Overall this is Highly Recommended. Don’t miss it!
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The Tripwires

The Tripwires “Get Young”

This Seattle super group is a veteran combo consisting of John Ramberg(The Minus 5), Jim Sangster(Young Fresh Fellows) his brother Johnny Sangster and Dan Peters(Mudhoney). On this third album the band has a more “organic” sound now on Spain’s FOLC Records label. They drift more toward the style of pub rock that’s more in line with NRBQ or The Minus 5 here on the opening title track. “Early Bright” is a terrific single, and the workman like “You Have A Bell” is another gem with great call-and-respond guitar lines, and the snappy chorus.

The next several songs have a fun bounce and catchy beat, “Owner Operator” is a great example of this. And the wonderful steady “Gratitude” has a jangly riff that runs along side the melody. No duds here either, although the tempos here don’t vary by much. Another winner here, that is sure to please pub rock and power pop fans alike. Highly Recommended!
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  1. I really like sound of The Solicitors, but the guy on the left could tone down his Rick Nielsen/Wilko schtick a bit 😉

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